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Freemasons Ceremony Live on Internet from Geelong


Freemasons Victoria

On Friday, Freemasons Victoria will live stream the most important ceremony on the Masonic calendar, the Grand Installation of the Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria.

Don Reynolds
Grand Master
Freemasons Victoria

The live screening is part of an ongoing strategy to de-mystify the workings of the Freemasons which has been supported by a recent survey of members supporting the use of technology to make Freemasonry more accessible to Todays man.

The historic two hour Grand Installation ceremony, in full Masonic Regalia, will provide an insight into the visual experience of Freemasonry, and enable the general public to witness a ceremony rich in symbolism and meaning.

Hundreds of Freemasons from across Victoria will converge on Geelong on Friday to attend the Grand Installation of Most Worshipful Brother Donald Gordon Reynolds for his second term as Grand Master.

Over one hundred people will be directly involved in the ceremony including members of the Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team, Musicians, Masters of Lodges and Past Grand Masters all who will contribute to the event, Grand Master Don Reynolds said.

"This is the first time in the history of Freemasons Victoria that a Grand Installation has been held outside Melbourne since the installation of Sir William Clarke, the first Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, responsible for the cricket 'Ashes,' at the Melbourne Town Hall."

How to Connect to the Live Streaming:
Grand Installation and Quarterly Communication
Live from The Pier, Geelong.
Live stream starts at 2:30pm Friday 10 March 2017

Media Enquiries:
Ron Smith, Media Communications, Freemasons Victoria - Mobile: 0417 329 201