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Men Need a Third Place


Freemasons Victoria

Social connections naturally happen at home and at work, however for optimum health and well-being they also need to occur in a 'Third Place'. *1

Jane Sydenham-Clarke
Freemasons Victoria

A research report, commissioned by Freemasons Victoria, has identified that many men miss the opportunity to establish a third place for social connection in their later life.

CEO of Freemasons Victoria, Jane Sydenham-Clarke said by the time men are into their 40s many have work and home, but no Third Place.

"Then by retirement they are left with only home. They need to have established a 'Third Place' earlier on in life. But they don't realise it at this stage."

Ms Sydenham-Clarke said the FMV Brandhook Research Report, commissioned in late 2016, revealed that men in their 20s are looking for a place to build their personal brand - to show to their future employer and partner that they are a good man.

"Men in their 30s and 40s are needing support with navigating the complex journey across their career and family landscape where gender roles are blurred and responsibilities intense.

"Men later in life are seeking opportunities to give back, to mentor and share the skills they have acquired.

Ms Sydenham-Clarke the research was commissioned by Freemasons Victoria, which has a falling and ageing membership, to establish a direction for the organisation in a future based on the needs of 'Today's Man' as it goes through a major restructure and re-establishing its membership base.

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"We know that Today's Man is not defined by his age but by his attitude."

"Social, personal and community connectedness are important throughout all the stages of life. In the case of Freemasons Victoria, the concept of a Third Place challenges us to create space for young men, to be open to their needs and aspirations, to genuinely welcome them to our fraternity.

"For them and for the many men who know nothing of Freemasonry, we also need to redefine Freemasons Victoria to be Future-focused, Modern and Visible.

"We need to be recognised as an aspirational and accessible Third Place for Today's Man with the research providing a direction of the design of the new communications program including the release of a new website which features an extensive and growing community gallery," Ms Sydenham-Clarke said.

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*1 FMV Brandhook Research