Media Release

The Commemoration of the Battle of Long Tan Remembrance Service


Freemasons Victoria

This morning, Freemasons Victoria with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Lodge, shared a unique Remembrance Service to commemorate the Battle of Long Tan.

The event took place at the South Eastern Masonic Centre, Keysborough.

The Long Tan Remembrance Service was originally initiated by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Lodge.

Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria, Don Reynolds, said the forecourt of the South Eastern Masonic Centre was transformed into a field of bright red hand knitted poppies, which are part of the internationally recognised 5000 Poppies Project created by Melbourne artists Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight.

Grand Master Freemasons Victoria Don Reynolds, along with Dylan and Donovan, prepare for the
 traditional wreath laying this morning at the Long Tan Remembrance Service.

Following the traditional wreath laying, a unique Ceremony was carried out by the members of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Lodge inside the Lodge room.

The ceremony featured a replica cross of that erected at Long Tan, being placed on the Lodge floor with Tri Service flags being placed in the Lodge room.

Prominent Freemasons who served include:
- Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop, Lieutenant Colonel - Royal Australian Army WWII
- Bud Tingwell, Flight Lieutenant - Royal Australian Air Force WWII
- Sir Robert Risson, Brigadier - Royal Australian Army WWII
- John Henry 'Jack' Lockett, Sergeant - Royal Australian Army WWI

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