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Kidsafe Targets Deaths of 250 Children a Year with Social Media Campaign: Blog to "Make a Safer World for Kids"


National Kidsafe Day

Blog to 'Make a safer world for kids' is the message from Kidsafe, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia.  


Kidsafe is targeting a reduction in the 250 deaths and 58,000 hospital admissions from preventable injuries via social media channels in the lead up to National Kidsafe Day on 23 October 2012.

Melanie Courtney, National Kidsafe Day coordinator said, "Although more children die each year from injuries than infectious diseases, cancer and asthma combined, it's not a topic that is widely discussed in the community."

Kidsafe is commencing a social media campaign to start a national conversation around child injury prevention in the lead up to National Kidsafe Day on Tuesday 23 October 2012.

Kidsafe is launching the 'Blog to "Make a Safer world For Kids" Campaign' to encourage bloggers to add a child safety post to their existing blogs. We also want individuals, parent groups, schools, businesses, MP's and community groups to start their own child safety blog to spread the message and start the conversation.

Anyone wanting to start a blog can go online to check out the competition, and download parts of the kit such as the 'Top twelve common injuries' fact sheet and links to resources. The intention is to increase awareness of the issues, especially of the dangers in and around their home.

Ms Courtney said that the Kidsafe Blog to 'Make a Safer World for Kids" campaign has been launched with a powerful blog from Josie, who opened up on the story of how she lost her young son fourteen years ago. Justin drowned tragically in a neighbour's pool after the pool gate had been propped open - a thoughtless action which led to a very preventable death that has haunted Josie and her family and friends every day since.

Bloggers should log on to the website - to find out how they can participate now and download your chance to 'Make a Safer World for Kids.'

Promote child safety and injury prevention by discussing how it applies to you - it could focus on your thoughts, activities or experiences.


"So, how many kids do you have?" This time I'm asked in casual conversation by a friendly quasi 'stranger' sitting beside me in a seminar.

Do I lie? Do I tell the truth? Do they really want to know? I feel my throat swell up with emotion. I bite my lip so I can regain control.

"I've had 4," I decide, with a well rehearsed half smile.

Wow 4!! How old are they?"

Ok, here we go again.......lie or the truth? "The eldest is 22, then 19 and 10," I routinely reply. I can hear the brain ticking, then a pause, followed by "and the 4th?"

"Well, he should be 15 ½ now but he died 12 years ago when he was 3." Sometimes I cut to the chase and add, "He drowned in a neighbour's swimming pool"- it saves a whole lot of time.

Sometimes compassion pours out in a touch of my arm, a look saying 'OH NO!' on their face, the hand to the open mouth or an elongated sound of 'aawwwwwww' but more often than not I get an apology, the topic of conversation quickly changes and a sudden departure.

For more of Josie's Blog click here.

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