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Housing Affordability and Infrastructure on National Agenda


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 Can Australia afford a rapid growth in population?


The Federal Minister for Housing, the Hon. Brendan O'Connor; Matthew Guy, Victorian Planning Minister; Ian Walker, Queensland Planning Reform Minister; Mark Birrell, Chairman of the Port of Melbourne and Daniel Grollo, CEO of Grocon will be key speakers at the Urban Development Institute of Australia's National Conference on Australia's Population in March 2013.

Tony De Domenico, Executive Director UDIA (Victoria) said, "The Conference titled 'Population Vision for a Nation' will provide a national focus on the issues of housing affordability and infrastructure provision in the lead up to the Federal Election".

In the past decade in Australia the tax system has placed more responsibility on first home buyers on the fringe to fund infrastructure upfront impacting on affordability.

"Australia is facing a battle on three fronts to provide for the forecast doubling of its population by 2050. There is a massive backlog of infrastructure which is leaving capital cities in gridlock. The cost of the great Australian dream has moved beyond an increasing number of people".

"The need for co-operation and infrastructure planning between all levels of government on funding is a major challenge."

National President of the UDIA Julie Katz said "The conference will take into account views of Government, Industry and the Community to open up a national Public Conversation on the pressing issues of population growth which impacts on every Australian".

"It is also quite clear that to overcome the need to provide infrastructure, the private sector will need to take an increasing role in partnership with Government."

"This needs to be part of the national conversation in both the Government and Private sectors."

A baby is born every 1 minute 46 seconds.
A person dies every 3 minutes 40 seconds.
And an international migrant arrives every 3 minutes 5 seconds.

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