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Developers say VicSmart Planning to Boost Employment and Cut Costs



Fast tracking minor planning issues at local government level will boost employment and investment certainty in the Victorian property market, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) said today.

Tony De Domenico Executive Director UDIA Victoria 

Executive Director of the UDIA Victoria, Tony De Domenico said the introduction of the VicSmart planning system, by the Victorian Government in September, will help overcome one of the major threats to economic development based on the long planning delays at council levels, in some cases for years.

"At the end of the day, time is money, and the high cost of these delays is obviously passed onto the consumer."

"By slashing minor planning issues concerning minor subdivisions, constructing or extending front fences, certain sign displays, car space changes, minor building and works in heritage areas, and buildings and works up to $50,000 in business and industrial areas, councils will have more resources to cope with the main game of planning approval for major property projects."

Mr. De Domenico said, fast tracking the planning process with the VicSmart system comes at an extremely important time for the Victorian economy and the industry, with both under pressure to step up housing production to provide housing for a rapidly increasing population.

"Its introduction will also impact on the main area of employment with major projects being approved more quickly by councils through better use of staff resources.

"This in turn will generate employment and demand for goods and services, importantly at a local level around Victoria. The UDIA urges all councils in Victoria to maximise the potential of the new VicSmart planning system."

In Victoria alone the development industry directly employs around 310,000 full time employees, contributes around 12 per cent of the state's gross product and contributes $4.6 billion in taxes to all tiers of government.

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