Media Release


Development Industry Backs Single Planning Authority for Melbourne



Most positive and significant planning reform in Victoria for decades.


Tony De Domenico Executive Director UDIA Victoria

The announcement of a single planning authority for the implementation of Plan Melbourne by the Napthine Government has been described as the most positive and significant planning reform in Victoria for decades.

Executive Director of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Victoria, Tony De Domenico said, "A single independent planning Authority for Plan Melbourne would cut through the myriad of different approaches to planning which varies from council to council delaying permits for years.

"The new Metropolitan Planning Authority will put an important revitalised backbone in Victoria's planning and development industry with the power to stimulate urgently needed economic development and employment in a strategic manner.

"This whole of Government approach to planning that can cut across local government boundaries provides an economic engine in future planning for Melbourne and will attract investment."

Mr. De Domenico said the establishment of the new authority would also cut excessive land holding costs which have an industry wide impact and influence on housing affordability.

"Certainty on planning issues is a key factor for the development industry to commit billions of dollars annually to projects underpinning a considerable amount of Victoria's employment.

"In Victoria the industry directly employs around 310,000 full time employees, contributes around 12 per cent of the state's gross domestic product and contributes $4.6 billion in taxes to all tiers of government."

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