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Development Industry Launches Wetlands Campaign



Greg Hunt, the Federal Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage today will launch an awareness campaign aimed at promoting the vital role of new wetlands in urban environments. 

Mr Hunt will officially launch the programme in the wetlands at the Alamanda residential project in Point Cook and meet some of the local wild life with children, and local wild life expert and educator Bob Winters.

Wetlands of the West

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'Living with the Wetlands' includes the release of online information in the form of an ebook and mobile phone and IPad app informing people about their local wetland, why it is important and how to protect it.

Executive Director of UDIA (VIC), Tony De Domenico said, "Today all broad acre developments feature significant wetlands and water conservation programmes and these have also become one of the most promoted elements of projects".

"Housing developments by UDIA (VIC) members over the past two decades have made substantial contributions to the environment through the creation of parks, wetlands and lakes enhancing habitat for wildlife."

"With a typical wetland costing up to $5 million, in 2011 UDIA Members spent $92 million on wetlands making the development industry in Victoria one of the major investors in wetland development and maintenance".

"The increased awareness and concern of the community generally in relation to the importance of creating and maintaining sustainable environments for the next generation including the quality of the environment, flora and fauna has created an ongoing and driving consumer demand for housing developments with green credentials."

Mr. De Domenico said, "the development and management of wetlands to be successful required a close and active working relationship with Melbourne Water, City West Water, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, Western Water and Local Government throughout Victoria."

Mr De Domenico paid tribute to the work carried out by many volunteer environmental and friends groups in helping maintain wetlands throughout Melbourne.

'Living with the Wetlands' will be spread through UDIA members to existing and future communities via email newsletters and ongoing promotions reaching tens of thousands of Victorians as an ongoing programme each year.

Media Enquiries: Ron Smith, UDIA (VIC) Media Communications - Mobile: 0417 329 201