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Carbon Tax Cost Shown On All Energy Bills



The Urban Development Institute of Australia today said the cost of the carbon tax must be clear on the energy bills of all Australian home owners and business to ensure public confidence in the billing system and the economy.

Tony De Domenico 
Executive Director

Executive Director of UDIA (VIC), Tony De Domenico, who gave evidence to the Federal Opposition Deregulation Taskforce yesterday in Melbourne, told the inquiry it was important that everyone knew exactly how much they were paying for the carbon tax.

"From a business point of view the hundreds of thousands of people employed and running businesses in the property industry need to know the facts to run their operations".

"We are also raising it behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who are moving onto our members developments."

Mr De Domenico said, currently there has been no clear statement from anybody, either the Federal Government or the Energy Suppliers, on how the Carbon Tax will appear on everyone's bill.

"Given energy companies are doing their quotes and pricing now there should be an immediate release of how the bills will look with the Carbon Tax being treated the same as the GST - as a separate item for everyone to see".

"This will allow all consumers to see clearly how much they are being charged for the energy they use and how much they are paying for the carbon tax component."

"Currently we believe that energy companies are set to bundle energy charges and the carbon tax together which allows for speculation and people being able to distort the picture in the debate over carbon tax."

Mr De Domenico said, "the UDIA is raising the issue of clear billing as part of its concern over housing affordability and sky rocketing electricity prices as it is important for home owners and buyers to be able to assess their energy bills accurately".

"The GST is recorded separately so there is absolutely no reason with energy bills that the carbon tax cost can't be presented the same."

Mr De Domenico said a clear statement should be issued by every energy supplier in relation to the disclosure of carbon tax costs on their bills and ensures confidence and acceptance of carbon tax billing and collection process.

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