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Development Industry Wetlands Protect Port Phillip Bay



New wetlands developed as part of Melbourne's new housing developments play an important role in helping protect water quality in Victoria's creeks, rivers and ultimately Port Phillip Bay, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) said today

UDIA (VIC) Executive Director, Tony De Domenico said, "the current debate over the condition of Port Phillip Bay and the fact that many of our beaches are closed after heavy rain or storms highlights the importance of taking action to protect water quality upstream".

"Healthy water systems including Port Phillip Bay also depend on wetlands which act as filters of sediment and nutrients collected from the landscape during run-off after a storm".

"Housing developments by UDIA (VIC) members over the past two decades have made substantial contributions to the environment through the creation of parks, wetlands and lakes enhancing habitat for wildlife."


Alamanda, Point Cook - Villawood Properties
The Southern Wetlands captures storm water drainage for a 62 Hectare residential catchment.

Mr De Domenico said with a typical wetland costing up to $5 million it is estimated that the development industry currently invests tens of millions dollars annually in wetland development and maintenance.

"Importantly once wetlands are created they are added to the net gain of Victoria's and Melbourne's ability to protect the quality of water in our streams which ultimately enter Port Phillip Bay and flora and fauna."

Mr De Domenico said three years ago UDIA (VIC) introduced an EnviroDevelopment programme that is unique in that it assesses the whole of a development for its sustainability credentials, not just individual homes. Its accreditation system recognises excellence in the areas of water, energy, ecosystems, community, materials and waste.


Sanctuary Lakes Resort, Point Cook - Links Living Limited
The lake at Sanctuary Lakes is twice the size of Albert Park Lake

"Today all broad acre developments feature significant wetlands and water conservation programmes built into their planning and open space areas which have also become one of the most promoted elements of projects".

"The increased awareness and concern of the community generally in relation to the importance of creating and maintaining sustainable environments for the next generation including the quality of the environment, flora and fauna has created an ongoing and driving consumer demand for housing developments with green credentials."



Saltwater Coast, Point Cook - FKP
The Saltwater Coast wetland park and its emerging mosaic of sedges, reeds and
groundcovers draws its inspiration from the local environment. The indigenous plantings
contribute a strong local character of the Saltwater Coast community.

The development industry is also increasingly involved in introducing environmental community awareness programmes as part of new residents programmes, Mr De Domenico said.

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EnviroDevelopment is a scientifically-based branding system designed to make it easier for purchasers to recognise and, thereby, select more environmentally sustainable homes and lifestyles.