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Twitter Campaign on Favourite Australian Beaches



Wave of Tweets Targets Ocean Protection

Australians will be urged to focus on the health and protection of Australia's oceans with the launch of Operation Wave by Earthwatch Australia as part of its Citizens Science program.



The two pronged attack will see the launch of a 'Wave of Information' about the World's Oceans to the community based on facts such as the oceans occupy nearly 71% of our planet's surface or the Great Barrier Reef, measuring 1,243 miles, is the largest living structure on Earth and can be seen from the Moon.

The Second Wave is based on an innovative social networking program which encourages Australians to tweet a photo from their mobile phones from their favourite beach along with a few words on why they like the beach including hashtag: #earthwatch_aus.

Richard Gilmore, Executive Director of Earthwatch Australia said, "Operation Wave was an important part of the Citizens Science program which has at its foundation the themes of observe, record and discover and promoted the marine section of the ClimateWatch program.

High profile Australians from all walks of life will be asked to nominate their favourite beach and tweet a photo of their Wave of Support for the World's Oceans.

Operation Wave is aimed at involving the community in citizen science with the most delicate areas of interface between the human activity and the world's oceans especially around coastal development of capital cities and major coastal towns.

Mr Gilmore said, "Operation Wave is also aimed at promoting the environmental programs which are being undertaken by government and local government in preserving Australia's beaches and natural coastal habitats."

The Operation Wave program also recognises the environmental action being taken in preserving the water quality for creeks, rivers, and streams which all ultimately flow into the ocean.

Such actions include water authorities involved in water recycling, plumbers responsible for maintaining the health of the drainage system and community groups involved in the protection of waterways.

Operation Wave will commence on 8 May 2011 building towards a major celebration on 7 June 2011 on the eve of World Ocean's Day, culminating at the Earthwatch Oceania Gala Event to celebrate Earthwatch's 40th Birthday.

Operation Wave Taking Part Instructions
· Take a photo of you and/or your friends at your favourite beach on your mobile.
· Tweet your photo on twitter and add the name of the beach plus a few words on why it is your favourite beach.
· Don't forget to add #earthwatch aus to the end of your tweet!

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