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Bird Watching turned into School Fundraiser


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Bird Watching In My Back Yard, a new online publication has been turned into an online 24/7 fundraiser for schools throughout Australia, which can raise hundreds of dollars for school projects. 


Bird Watching In My Back Yard 

With no upfront costs schools can commence a fundraising campaign in under an hour and simply use their school newsletter to start raising funds whilst promoting an environmental message and activity.

Developed by Melbourne publicist Ron Smith, who has co-authored the book with leading sustainability educationalist Bob Winters, Bird Watching In My Back Yard is aimed at helping parents and grandparents develop the personal environmental skills of children between the ages of four to ten.

"We have moved fundraising online and removed children from being involved in food fundraisers or having to sell raffle tickets."

Mr Smith says the basis for using the ebook concept is built around making the book suitable for Ipads allowing parents and children to take the information including the pictures of the twenty four most common birds into their back yard.

"The ebook concept also allows the book to be printed out and used for some of the twenty bird watching projects in the book".

"One project is Bird Watching on the Fridge Door where specific pages are placed on the fridge door for family members to record when they have spotted a particular bird. We chose the fridge door as it is the place for action in the home and meal times are a great time to have a chat amongst the family".

"Parents can also print out the book and the pictures can be cut out for scrapbooking or to create a poster with children's own drawings and writing."

Mr Smith said at a time when the cost of living is rising and parents are looking for low cost and healthy activities Bird Watching In My Back Yard is a timely publication.

Bird Watching In My Back Yard
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Comment from a Parent

Hi Ron
I sat with my grandson tonight (he is only 2) and looked at the birds in the book on the computer and he was mesmerized as he loves birds. No doubt he will be even more excited now that we will be able to name the birds in the garden so thank you again. I will try to remember to let you know how it goes - will have 8 grandchildren for Christmas so we will give it a good workout then and let them have a little competition. The climate change book is also fantastically practical and just my style so I am looking forward to sharing with the kids.
You never know with schools as to how they will take it up but I think it is fabulous for families. Simple and easy to use so I hope they like it too.
Congratulations to you both
'Liz McMinn'