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Kidsafe Backs Pool Safety Registration



Kidsafe Victoria, which played a major role in the introduction of backyard pool fencing in Victoria with the State Government, today backed the concept of backyard swimming pool registration being considered by the Victorian Government.


Robert Caulfield, President of Kidsafe Victoria said, "The organisation supported the current review being carried out by the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, which is looking at a range of issues to improve backyard pool safety."

"The big advantage of having pools registered and a requirement for houses being sold or rented requiring a pool safety check by a certified inspector, meant that in the future, backyard pools generally would be upgraded and maintained in a safer condition."

"The registration program will also create an ongoing awareness of backyard swimming pool safety for all families."

Mr Caulfield said, "The tragedy of a drowning or near drowning on families can have a lifetime impact, for every drowning death there are three near drownings, which can result in a child receiving permanent brain damage".

"Children drown quickly and quietly and Kidsafe urges all parents with pools or visiting homes with pools or spas to make sure they maintain constant supervision of their children near water."

Since the introduction of compulsory pool fencing in Victoria, the combined efforts of the government, community groups and the Swimming Pool Industry has made a considerable impact reducing backyard pool drowning of toddlers.

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