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Kidsafe Backs Victorian Government on Dangerous Dog Action



The peak body on child accident prevention Kidsafe Victoria, today backed the Victorian Government on the removal of dangerous dogs.

Kidsafe says the overnight tragedy involving a fatal dog attack on a child serves as a timely reminder about the potential dangers of dogs and young children.

Melanie Water, State Manager of Kidsafe Victoria welcomed the State Government's announcement that they will be giving councils greater powers and resources to destroy dangerous dogs.

Ms Water said,"Any dog that is bred or cross bred with a hunting or attack dog is not suitable as a domestic pet."

"A line has to be drawn in the sand somewhere, and there is no place for such animals in areas where children are located."

Research from the Monash University Accident Research Centre shows that in Victoria on average one child a day is taken to hospital as a result of an injury from a dog attack.

Ms Water said "The statistics highlight the occurrence of dog attacks involving children in Victoria."

"What they don't show, is that the serious incidents are usually caused by aggressive breeds such as pit bulls, pit bull crosses and Rottweilers."

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