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Kidsafe Issues Warning on Hot Water Bottle Burns



Kidsafe Victoria today issued a winter alert on Hot Water Bottles. 



Melanie Water, State Manager of Kidsafe Victoria said that with the increased use of hot water bottles during the winter season, it is important that parents are aware of the dangers posed by such products.

Kidsafe Victoria are urging people to check the condition of their hot water bottles, and to consider some safety tips when using these.

Ms Water said "While hot water bottles can be a good source of heat, they also have the potential to cause serious burn and scald injuries."

"Any hot water bottles that are brittle or have cracks should be replaced immediately."

Every year, up to 200 Australians are admitted to hospital because of serious burns from hot water bottles. Serious burns can occur very quickly and are extremely painful, often leading to lengthy treatment and permanent scarring.

Kidsafe recommends the ACCC's following safety tips to prevent the risk of burns and scalds when using hot water bottles:
  •  Check that PVC and rubber hot water bottles sold in Australia meet the mandatory safety standard for hot water bottles.
  •  Before using a hot water bottle, check it for cracks, splits, brittleness, breaks and other damage.
  •  Never leave a child alone with a hot water bottle.
  •  Never use hot water bottles where babies or children may come into contact with them.
  •  Only use a hot water bottle to warm the bed. Remove the bottle before you get into bed and empty it or place it out of reach.
  • For more information on hot water bottle safety please visit:

    Media Enquiries:
    Ron Smith, Corporate Media Communications, Kidsafe Victora - Mobile: 0417 329 201