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Grand Final Red Alert for Child Injuries



Kidsafe Victoria have issued a national red alert for Grand Final Day urging parents to remain vigilant  in the supervision of children especially babies and toddlers to prevent injuries.

Dr Mark Stokes

Dr Mark Stokes, President of Kidsafe Victoria said the attraction of the TV as the Grand Final goes ‘live’ into millions of households can be a deadly distraction.

“Grand Final Day is a day where many people organise barbeques and gatherings to enjoy the AFL Grand Final, and sometimes forgetting to designate at least one person to supervise the children.

“During Grand Final Day there can be a liberal use of alcohol which can increase the danger to children with adults having an impaired level of concentration and supervision.

“The highest dangers for children on Grand Final Day are backyard swimming pools, driveways, with vehicles reversing in and out, falls from balconies, and burns from barbeques.

“In the case of balconies, leaving tables and chairs against the railings of balconies creates a deadly environment for toddlers.”  

Dr Stokes warned with the rapid expansion of apartment numbers, there are literally tens of thousands of balconies throughout Melbourne with tables and chairs. Balconies and entertainments decks are also a popular addition to holiday homes.

“The chair and table left against the safety railing can act as a simple set of steps for toddlers.  A toddler can easily climb onto a chair and then onto the top of the table, and then lean out over the edge of a balcony, placing them in a very dangerous situation. They are top heavy, have no understanding of the danger of heights.”

“Kidsafe urges all parents to make Grand Final Day a safe day by ensuring appropriate supervision of the children.”

Media Enquiries:
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