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Kidsafe, Life Saving Victoria Lead Calls For Toy and Pool Retailer Awareness on Potential Death Traps



Kidsafe Victoria and Life Saving Victoria have released a downloadable safety information pack for retailers, warning of the dangers of unfenced inflatable swimming pools. 

The pack advises retailers/consumers that any pool with a depth greater than 30 centimetres/one foot, is required to have a Standards Australia approved fence, with a childproof, self latching gate.

Dr Mark Stokes, President of Kidsafe Victoria said, "The pack ensures retailers have access to consistent information, enabling them to pass this on to their consumers. Anyone who purchases an above ground, inflatable pool over 30 cms deep, is legally required to place a fence around it to protect their children."

Inflatable swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular with families as they initially appear to be a cheap way to keep the kids cool over summer, and the water bill down. Pools up to 90 cms in depth (three feet deep) can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars and set up within minutes.

With one toddler death in Victoria attributed to a removable, temporary pool in the last year, Kidsafe and Life Saving Victoria are concerned this number will increase if there is not adequate public education around the dangers and requirements for fencing.

CEO of Life Saving Victoria, Nigel Taylor, said, "All promotional materials pertaining to above ground pools including websites, packaging and brochures, should carry the CLEAR MESSAGE that the planning and building LAWS in Victoria will require the pool being sold to be fenced before being filled."

Kidsafe and Life Saving Victoria have called for a coordinated campaign on Pool Fencing Safety Awareness including the mandatory labelling requirements for all pools being sold to carry the message.

Wording such as, "This Pool Requires Australian Standards Fencing in order to be Legally Installed in Victoria," should be included on all packaging, advertising and websites promoting inflatable swimming pools.

"Some retailers presently advise consumer to 'check with your local council for pool fencing legislation"- this is not good enough and needs to emphasise that fencing is compulsory for any pools with a depth greater than 30cms," Dr Stokes said.

Contact the local Council Building Surveyor for further information.

Click to download safety information pack

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