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White Sparrow Living at Sanctuary Lakes Resort


Sanctuary Lakes

An Albino Sparrow, one of the rarest birds in the world, is living just twenty minutes from the CBD, at Sanctuary Lakes Resort, the master planned golfing residential estate, west of Melbourne.

The White Sparrow living at Sanctuary Lakes Resort
Photo: Bob Winters 

Described as the 'one in a million neighbour' and named by residents as the 'Little White Angel,' the small bird is the rarest of the most common breed of birds. The sparrow is living happily on private property and enjoys a daily feed with other birds.

Bob Winters, a resident of Sanctuary Lakes Resort and bird watching expert, said the Albino Sparrow is extremely rare with few sitings around the world, making the presence of the sparrow at Sanctuary Lakes Resort of international importance, and possibly the first time the bird has been sighted in Australia.

The high quality environment and extensive open space at Sanctuary Lakes Resort, with an eighteen hole Greg Norman designed golf course and a beautifully maintained lake, twice the size of Albert Park Lake, combined with the source of food in residents' gardens, has made Sanctuary Lakes Resort a haven for over one hundred and forty seven species of birds.

Clearly the supply of food and sheltered environment at Sanctuary Lakes Resort provided a safe environment for the 'Little White Angel' as albino birds face considerable challenges being highly visible to predators, often attacked by their own flock making it rare for them to survive to maturity.

TV and Film Producer Tom Parkinson, the Sanctuary Lakes Resort resident, who helped capture the sparrow on film, said, "The Albino Sparrow has survived the predators and is now a plump fluffy sparrow albeit a bright shining white one."

"We expect the images of this rare bird at Sanctuary Lakes Resort to go around the world."

Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Ltd will release a photo and film of the 'Little White Angel' on the Sanctuary Lakes Resort website as part of the Sanctuary Lakes Resort environmental education program.

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