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Charity's Mobile Phone Campaign Could Boost Country Hospital Funds


Kidney Health Australia

Country and Regional communities across Australia could save hundreds of dollars off their existing phone bills with a TAX BREAK and at the same time provide their cash strapped local hospitals with significant funds.


The move to turn every mobile phone in country and regional Australia into a fundraiser by building on the theme "Ring UP Support for Your Local Hospital" could see millions of dollars annually added to the budgets of country hospitals across Australia.

Kidney Health Australia, one of Australia's peak charities which launched its telephone program in December 2009, is now making the fundraising program available to all country and regional hospitals who will receive $50.00 per connection of a mobile phone and $20.00 for every home connection.

Derek Finch, Head of Customer Operations at Kidney Health Australia said customers of KHA Comms, who will be supplied services by Optus and Telstra at very competitive prices, are able to designate phone plans which enable them to make a tax deductible donation to Kidney Health Australia. This will enable them to claim a tax deduction as well as support their local hospital and Kidney Health Australia.

"Many country districts and regions in Australia have up to a minimum of 2000 mobile phones and at $50.00 per connection and a dedicated community campaign there is the potential to raise $100,000 and create an ongoing revenue stream for the hospital.

"Country communities are well organized to take up such a campaign to preserve one of the most important services with close knit communities able to spread the message and benefits. There are literally hundreds of small country hospitals across Australia struggling for funds."

Mr Finch said the KHA Comms Program provides the community with an opportunity to invest in their own hospital through their phone accounts and at the same time save money. People can switch their phone accounts over via KHA Comms with a simple phone call and immediately go onto the program.

The Link provides a Report from Channel 7 Today Tonight on the KHA Comms Initiative

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