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Governor General Launches Kidney Health Week in Sydney


Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Health Australia established this prestigious award in 1994 to honour Emeritus Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith's outstanding clinical and scientific achievements including her research and many years of service to the kidney sector and our organisation.

Kidney HealthEmeritus Professor Kincaid-Smith AC, CBE attended today's ceremony to see Professor Whitworth, one of her former students, receive the medal, in recognition of her internationally renowned expertise in the areas of kidney disease and blood pressure research. Professor Whitworth will be only the 6th recipient of this award that is the most prestigious awarded in the kidney sector in Australia.

The Kincaid-Smith medal is awarded by the Kidney Health Australia Board of Directors after nominations are called for from the kidney sector and assessed by a Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee.

Patrons of Kidney Health Australia including Sir Jack and Lady Margaret Brabham with their grandson, racing car driver 17 year old Mathew Brabham, who has become a Young Ambassador for Kidney Health Australia, Tim Mathieson, Ambassador, and Bob Pritchard, Global Ambassador, were presented to the Governor General.   

Anne Wilson, CEO and Managing Director of Kidney Health Australia said the award of the Kincaid-Smith medal to Professor Whitworth bought together the work of two of the most influential women in the history of kidney research in Australia, which has contributed importantly to advances in the care of kidney patients worldwide.

Ms Wilson said Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a significant and growing public health problem responsible for a substantial burden of illness and premature mortality in Australia with one in every three Australians at increased risk of developing CKD. 

"Many people do not know they have CKD, because up to 90% of kidney function can be lost before symptoms become evident." 

Kidney Health Australia has launched a major awareness campaign on a new website aimed at reducing Chronic Kidney Disease in Australia.

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