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Sandhurst 85% sold out as scarcity grips the market


Sandhurst Club

…..With the scarcity of land and the Victorian Government planning policies increasing residential densities, land buyers are placing a premium on green open space.


Sandhurst, Melbourne's first and only drought proof suburb is now 85% sold out, and experiencing a surge in demand as home buyers in the south east corridor move to escape the no frills suburbs to the lifestyle of Sandhurst, where 50% of the suburb is dedicated to open space..

The green guarantee at Sandhurst

Paul Phillips, Sales Manager of Sandhurst said people buying into Sandhurst place a high value on the lush appearance and the green guarantee with access to recycled water, and is the number one reason given by purchasers for their decision to move onto Sandhurst.

"With house and land packages from some of Melbourne's prestige builders available from around $455,000, the current land release provides an extremely timely and competitive opportunity for people wanting to make a lifestyle change onto a project where 50% of the land at Sandhurst is open space never to be developed.

"It is quite clear from discussions with many current 'baby boomer' land buyers, they are using the high prices on offer in suburbs for the large family home, many around $800,000 to $1 million, to establish a smaller lifestyle orientated home for around $500,000 and pocketing their profit for superannuation, trips or to fund an investment property for future income."

Mr Phillips said $35 million has been spent to date on the establishment of a magnificent environment at Sandhurst including two championship golf courses, landscaped parklands, lakes and waterways have all created a unique environment for healthy living.

Research shows that 180 square metres of grasslands, shrubs and trees produces enough oxygen for one person for one year with the average golf course providing enough oxygen for four and half thousand people. The two championship golf courses at Sandhurst provides enough oxygen for nine thousand people.

"The large expansive areas of turf also have the effect of producing lower temperatures when compared with traditional suburbs which are dominated by vast areas of roads and cement which radiate heat.

"Apart from living in a healthy environment, residents of Sandhurst enjoy a substantial recreation club featuring a heated swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts and fifty kilometres of landscaped walking and cycling paths.

"The facilities available to residents include restaurants, bars and function rooms with regular neighbourhood events such as food and wine nights, dancing classes, and children's movie nights for the local children - all within a few minutes of every home on the estate."

Mr Phillips said one of the major bonuses for people moving to Sandhurst is immediate access to ultra high speed broadband that is up to a hundred times faster than the normal broadband as well as cheap phone calls to all capital cities capped at 60 cents per half an hour.

"Residents are able to have thirty minute phone calls to a range of countries including the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, and UK for prices of 98 cents and $1.38. This is a major cost advantage for people running a home business, home office or with relatives interstate or overseas. The ultra high speed broadband provides a major attraction for people who are running home business, executives working from home and for education purposes.

Modern sporting and entertainment facilities are all located within a few minutes, and major shopping and commercial centres are close by. Easy access to EastLink has continued to make Sandhurst one of the most accessible and affordable lifestyle projects in Australia.

Sandhurst Land Sales Office: Paul Phillips (03) 8787 7666

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