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Australia’s First Optic Fibre Suburb Cuts Price of NBN


Sandhurst Club

Sandhurst, Australia's first optic fibre suburb, today announced its price for the SBN (Sandhurst Broadband Network) entry for its residents based on usage patterns start at half the $60 announced by a mid range NBN supplier.


In another major plus for residents, the service provides capped telephone calls interstate at 30 cents for 30 minutes and international calls for between 2 cents and 5 cents a minute, which can add to savings especially for the many executives and residents who operate home businesses.

Mr Brian Mollett, Manager of the Sandhurst network said services' being delivered over the Sandhurst network includes distribution of free to air television, high speed internet access, telephony and security monitoring services.

The SBN (Sandhurst Broadband Network) ultra hi speed packages are designed to start at $29.95 for 2GB download, with a mid range offering at $54.95 for 50GB or $69.95 for 75GB, and with a premium package costing $169.95 providing unlimited usage.

"The Sandhurst system is like having office block technology for your own home. A cable modem can normally handle a maximum of five megabits of data per second. The network at Sandhurst is built to deliver up to 100Mbps and currently delivers from 20Mbps to 50 Mbps download.

"The big advantage of having private ultra hi speed broadband is that we have the capacity to be flexible and adjust the plans to our residents needs in relation to usage which provides affordability.

The suburb, designed and built by Links Living Limited - golf course residential specialists, includes Australia's first privately funded and built optical fibre residential communication network. Sandhurst has had hi speed broadband for over five years.

Mr Mark Brayshaw, CEO of ClubLINKS, the providers of the communications network said, "Residents are benefiting from the vision of Links Living and the advanced installation of an optical fibre network to their homes with optical fibres delivering vastly larger amounts of information than the standard copper wire telephone line.

"These communication services provide Sandhurst residents with a major advantage and should prove to be a popular feature when selling the home in the future. For the home office the SBN system allows for networking of home, work computers and phone systems in a seamless manner," Mr Brayshaw said.

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