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Freemasons Announces Statewide Education Scholarships


Freemasons Victoria and the Freemasons Foundation

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria has announced that its annual Statewide Scholarship awards for 2017 are open and available for students around the Victoria.

Don Reynolds

Grand Master Freemasons Victoria 

Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria Don Reynolds said the Freemasons' Scholarship Program, with a hundred year history, has supported the development of leadership, community involvement and academic excellence across Victoria.

"Each year the Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited grants over $400,000 in Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries for academic excellence or for students requiring financial support to complete their studies.

"Over the past ten years $3 million has been allocated to students throughout Victoria in metropolitan, regional and country areas."

There are 3 categories of Scholarships and Awards available this year with a closing date of 31 January 2017.

The available scholarships and awards are:

  • Tertiary Entrance Scholarships and Awards (including Music)
  • Secondary Scholarships and Awards
  • Mature Age Scholarship
The range of scholarship awards include:

  • Freemasons Foundation Victoria Scholarship
  • Freemasons Foundation Victoria Post-Secondary Education Award
  • Environmental Scholarship
  • Harry Burt Memorial Architecture Scholarship
  • The Roy Alderton Business Finance Scholarship
  • Post-Secondary Civic Award
  • Dr. Robin Gray Music Scholarship
  • Eliezer Benedykt Memorial Scholarship in Music
  • Bill Burrell Memorial Piano Accompaniment Scholarship (not restricted to entry level)


    Secondary Scholarships and Awards are available to students who are studying at a Secondary School in 2017.

    Apply online at

    Applications Close on 31 January 2017.

    Media Enquiries:
    Ron Smith, Freemasons Victoria - Mobile: 0417 329 201