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Calming Down at Fed Square


Federation Square

Melbournians are being urged to relax and remove tension on their way to work by taking part in Free Tai Chi classes at Fed Square every Tuesday morning from 7.30am to 8.30am.

YouTube of Tai Chi classes at Fed Square

In April, Safe Work Australia released its first report on work-related mental stress and its associated costs based on an analysis of Australian workers' compensation claims data from 2008-09 to 2010-11 finding the loss productivity and absence of workers is costing Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year.

The report also found more professionals make claims for mental stress than any other occupation. A third of these claims are due to work pressure.

Jane Sydenham-Clarke from Fed Square said, "Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art that promotes health and relaxation is conducted expert instructors from Tai Chi Australia every Tuesday morning in the main square with participants able to watch their activities on the big screen.


Tai Chi, or Taijiquan in Chinese, is an outstanding gem of traditional Chinese culture that is valuable in promoting health, developing combat and self-defence skills, and improving concentration and overall well-being.

"Health benefits are derived from the Tai Chi's slow, gentle and tranquil movements which enable harmony in mind and body, improved mobility, suppleness and mental alertness. The benefits are well recognised by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who are frequently Tai Chi instructors themselves and recommend the art as the physiotherapy of TCM.

"Anyone regardless of age or level of fitness can practice and benefit from Tai Chi. Loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes should be worn to classes."


Ms Sydenham-Clarke said the activity is timed to provide people on their way to work and the growing number of city residents the opportunity to have informal personal time to relax in a friendly group atmosphere.

The Tai Chi classes require no bookings and are part of the Health and Well Being program that is being blended into Fed Square's daily operations for some of the ten million visitors to Fed Square annually.

Other free regular activities include Health Qigong, Meditation, Laughter, Belly Dancing, Knitting, Crochet and Pop Up Chess -

Tai Chi
Start each week feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and energised with Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art that promotes health and relaxation. Join expert instructors from Tai Chi Australia for a free class every Tuesday morning.

Fed Square
Every Tuesday, 7.30am - 8.30am
Free - no bookings required

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